ETC Parking

If you are attending the Agile Baltimore Unconference or a Lean Coffee event, we want to make sure you park in the right place and find your way to ETC Baltimore.  Click on the images below to see close up views and instructions

parking 1
Driving South on N. Haven St. the building looks like this. Please do NOT park in the courtyard.
parking 2
If you see this, you missed the entrance
parking 3
Entrance to parking looks like this
parking 4
Entrance looks like this from another angle
parking 5
Enter here. Don’t worry, the parking is free.
parking 6
You can park anywhere in the lot. There is plenty of space. From the lot you can see where you SHOULD enter the building and where you should NOT
parking 7
Enter through the unlocked gate, walk up the stairs, and go through the door.
parking 8
First, pull the gate open.
parking 9
Go through door #1
parking 10
Go through door #2
parking 11
This is just another view of door #2
parking 12
Go through door #3
parking 13
You’re almost there! Walk through the door and you’ll see the stairs to Suite 301. (that’s where you want to be)